December 2nd 2022

November Management UI Release

Reordered Notice Timeline

When you log in to the management UI, the first page you see is the Notice Timeline. We have taken onboard customer feedback and changed the order of displayed items.

You will now see Current Notices followed by Planned Maintenance. Previous Notices will display based on the history settings (e.g. last 3 days, last 7 days etc.).

We have also made it more explicit on the buttons as to which notice you wish to create.

Updates to the notice timeline

Improvements to Notice Templates

When you create a new notice template, you will now be able to format the content (much like you can for a notice). You will also experience the content textarea auto-expanding based on the amount of content you have.

Updates to Notice Templates

Improvements to Write a New Notice

We have implemented auto-expanding on the initial comment and additional comment textarea, which means you can add more content without having to scroll through a small textarea.

Auto-expand on a notice

Improvements to the date and time picker

We know. The date and time picker could be problematic. We have therefore refactored the selector so that it is easier to open and close and to use arrows to change between days. You will also see that the timezone is displayed instead of the plus/minus difference.

Date and time picker