February 16th 2023

Status API has arrived

New Status API

Behind every excellent status page sits an even more excellent API. The new status API allows customers to create powerful workflows, enhancing their incident response.

Every status page already has access to a REST API, which allows customers to modify the branding, create and update notices, create components, and more. In our product backlog, we had a feature request to open up the API to our customer's customers, so we know this was an important feature to build.

In December, we welcomed the fantastic folks over at Postmark by ActiveCampaign, who migrated to the Sorry™ platform. During a catch-up in January, we talked with the Postmark team about their old page and one vital feature missing that their customers used: a status API.

Fast forward, we set out a two-week sprint to build out the status API feature for all customers, fast but containing the essential features of an API.

Today, we are excited to be launching the status API for customers and their customers. It's built on top of our existing platform, which is backed and secured by the Fastly CDN, and can be accessed by visiting a current page and clicking on the 'Status API' link in the footer.

With this newest addition, the Postmark Status API, it’s even easier to stay on top of Postmark’s current status.

Source: Postmark blog post

Some examples of how to use the new status API include:

  • Build better bots in Slack or MS Teams.
  • Automate by integration with workflows in tools such as Zapier.
  • Build real-time dashboards in apps like Geckoboard.
  • Enhance the detection, analysis and response in security operations centres (SOCs).

We are excited to see what your customers build with our API and will continue developing this feature in the future.